News from Coast Nov 2020

Hello COAST fans,

Greetings from the COAST Guard station or COAST HQ (whichever you prefer!). Now we know we've been quiet for a while but we have not been idle - lots of new and exciting stuff coming your way very, very soon!!!!! We'll have personal video messages from the guys to you when they'll give a bit more info on what's coming up and what's been happening in COAST world. And yes, that MAJOR announcement is on its way too ........ but we'll let the guys tell you about that - watch this space! Meantime, stay safe friends. Please share with friends

News From coast Oct 2020

Hello everyone, COAST has some news that we would like to share.

We have a NEW member on our team, the one and only ANDREW KING, an old friend and We are very lucky to have him and his skill set, and long time photographer for the mighty RUNRIG, Andrew has come on board as our PR man and Photographer, Andrews work is just stunning and you should check his web page out, you never know he might just have captured your image at some time. 

Please check out Andrews website below


Very soon we will have more exciting news to bring you (a bit delayed).

So please keep checking in to stay in the loop. 

COAST facebook site


In the meanwhile stay safe and well.

Best wishes



Fantastic offer

Hi everyone,

Kevin from COAST Merchandise here with a festive season special offer.

If you order a 'Turning Stone' CD album, not only is the price down to an unbelievable £8- we will, on every third order we receive, throw something completely random in as well- COMPLETELY FREE!!! It might be a CD, it might be a baseball cap, or even last year’s tour program!! It might be two copies of the same album so you can share your fine music taste with a friend.

Should you get lucky and receive a freebie we would love it if you could 'selfie it' and put it on our Facebook page with a little message.

The offer starts at midnight today and runs until midnight on 24th Dec 2020.

1,2,3 off you go- the clock is ticking…

All the best, Merry Christmas!!!

Keep safe,


Merchandise manager.